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Please note, I do general readings & I also welcome any questions people may have when wanting a reading. If I don't feel comfortable & capable of doing the reading I'll let you know before accepting a payment. To book, please email me at or message me on Instagram @la_alchemistx_alena

playing the hand you were dealt

This is a seven card pull with clarifiers. The seven cards are the hand you've been dealt within your life or a particular situation or timeline of your life that you are searching for guidance in. The clarifier cards will tell us any additional context, info, & guidance on how to best play the hand you've been dealt.

pay what you can with a suggested sliding scale of $20 ~ $70

planetary days & nights readings

This reading is similar to my offering #3 except instead of reading the whole chart we focus on the planetary day & the related placements. It's similar to the weeklong reading #7 since it's themed by the planetary days except time wise it would be roughly an hour instead of a whole week long conversation.

saturday ~ saturn day // mercury night

sunday ~ sun day // jupiter night

monday ~ moon day // venus night

tuesday ~ mars day // saturn night

wednesday ~ mercury day // sun night

thursday ~ jupiter day // moon night

friday ~ venus day // mars night

pay what you can with a suggested sliding scale of $20 ~ $120


A birth chart reading on your unique divine flow. In this reading we talk about managing time, routines, & health (body, mind, & soul) in creative, enchanting, & spiritual ways that are inspired & aligned with your own cosmic flow.

While I don’t promise achieving balance, as the astrologer my goal is to communicate with you, the eagle’s eye view of your birth chart in relation to your current reality, as well as how to orient, align, and ease into your natural cosmic divine flow. I believe by intentionally devoting time to our relationship to the cosmos by integrating our own cosmic magic into our routines, while focusing on our health, we can ease into more balanced states of flow. <3

pay what you can with a suggested sliding scale of $40 ~ $140


A week-long guided cosmic alignment. Seven days, seven planetary days of the week, seven days of intimate relationship building with the planets.

Seven days of bringing intentional awareness to the planetary ruler of the day, its position of that day, your corresponding natal placement, and how all this information can be used to keep you on track, on your own time, in your special magical way of being & cosmic flow. This reading has potential to be particularly powerful for people who have trouble keeping track of things, time, deadlines, consistent routines, remembering, especially in relation to moving at your own pace instead of being in the capitalistic colonial race. However, please note that as always what & how much you get out of your reading is largely dependent on you, and how you decide to navigate the world. I am not responsible for any decisions you make in your personal life.

Seven days of gracefully integrating practical structure & enchantment into our unique routines, time, needs, desires, & dreams. Together we’ll engage intentionally with the planetary day of the week coupled with your personal planetary cosmic energy to bring a lovingly romantic flow to your time alive on this planet we call earth.

7 days in one week. This cycle is deeply integral to our survival in our current cosmic context & astrology in many ways is already part of structure that allows the societies we exist in to function & flow already.

7 days each named after planets & luminaries.

Saturday ~ Saturn Day

Sunday ~ Sun Day

Monday ~ Moon Day

Tuesday ~ Mars Day

Wednesday ~ Mercury Day

Thursday ~ Jupiter Day

Friday ~ Venus Day

By building a relationship with the planets intentionally each day, I have experienced a different kind of flow in my everyday routines. One that has full of opportunities each day to ground myself in the chaos that is earthly life currently.

Time management & structuring our lives is necessary for survival. Both as an integral part of keeping up with survival, as well as, ensuring that we are wanting to survive, loving our lives, & living them fully.

For one whole week you’ll receive a planetary day themed reading through a combination of voice notes & messages. Throughout the day & the entire week after, I will be available for clarification, responses, & more depth on anything you’d like to dive more into.

Each day the planetary & luminary associations provide the energy theme of the day, by focusing on & following what each day illuminates & naturally brings we are able to orient where you are within several cycles all in constant motion, & ground you more freely within the constant movement that living in balance & flow means for you personally.

pay what you can sliding scale $77 ~ $234

the mini number seven reading

In both number seven readings I look at your birth chart with transits and pull cards, all in correspondence with the planetary days or nights. In the number seven reading you get a deep dive into that planetary rulers place in your life, the chart for that day or night & ways to build a relationship & manageable routine with that planet. In the mini version you only get the messages that pop up for that day or night, both in response to & with consideration for the context provided for the reading. Each day for one week you get a reading each day you get to experience the magic of recieving a planetary love note with guidance to help you navigate your day, night, time, life.

pay what you can on a sliding scale of $30 ~ $80

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