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About Me <3

hi ~ i'm alena

artist, astrologer, anthropoloca & card reader

medicina, magica, mistica

the borderlands bruje

type one diabetic // insulin should be free !

Privacy Policy <3

Privacy Policy Privacy is important, In The Lands Known As El Paso this privacy policy includes information on what happens to your information once you the user(s) engage with this website. Users of this website are aware through this policy what is happening with any of your information & for how long, as well as how to access unsubscribing and similar actions related to your information. This privacy policy applies to my website, currently, www.inthelandsknownaselpasotejas.com and may change or be updated as necessary. No matter the name, this website is a digital host for my work(s) as an artist, anthropologist, & astrologer. By using this website you consent to the data practices detailed in this policy. What information is collected? No information is collected unless voluntarily provided. However, any comments, responses (via email & social media included), and personal information like names, date, time, and place of birth, natal charts, as well as, email addresses, and any information required or offered when engaging with certain offerings or opportunities such as email newsletters, classes, events, and payments for services, tips, trades, and gifts included. How is your information used? When information is collected it may be used to provide a offering or service, communicate with you about updates, offerings requested, documentation both for professional & personal proof, reflections, and usage in my works (although personal info is typically left out of my works, the reviews posted etc however, I keep documentation of who said what and when and how, just in case I need it.) As for third parties, I don’t sell lease or trade any information. However, your data may be shared with third parties for the purpose of performing functions like, emails, mail, arrangements for deliveries, payments, scheduling, and marketing. Third party services are not allowed to use your information for anything except performing said functions. If required by law, I may have to disclose information provided & likely without a timely notice. If this were to happen a notice would be sent via email, and posted about if the situation permits. Tracking user behavior This website may track user info to gain insight on how the website is perceived and may be updated to better serve us all. How other third parties track user behavior is not my decision. Links This website may contain links to other sites. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of such other sites. I encourage website users to be aware when they leave our site and to read the privacy policies of any other site that collects personal information. If you are 13 years old or under Your personally identifiable information is not knowingly collected, or wanted. If you are 13 or under you must have permission to use this website from a guardian. Unsubscribing To unsubscribe from newsletters or such, you can email me directly at inthelandsknownaselapsotejas@gmail.com or click on the unsubscribe link provided by third party services when in usage. Changes to this privacy policy I reserve the right to change is privacy policy as necessary. You may hear about significant changes in the way we treat personal information by sending a notice to any email addresses on file, posting about the update, and/or updating the privacy policy. Your continuation of usage and engagement of the website after updates will be your acknowledgement and agreement of the updates. My Right To Delete Under reasonable requests, and circumstances your information may be removed, and/or deleted. I also have the right to delete, remove, block, and handle circumstances, content, information and such, that are against my values, in way(s)that I feel fit. Please also understand that I may not be able to delete certain information, for example, if it’s necessary for payment, legal matters, proper documentation for research and creation of content (in ethical consensual manners) or if it has gone to third parties in which the information is necessary. Contact Information Any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this privacy policy may be sent to me via email at inthelandsknownaselpasotejas@gmail.com. This statement is effective as of 02/05/2022 <3

Terms & Conditions <3

www.theblackhole.info is a website created & built to host my works.

Spending time on this website is an acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms, conditions, policies, & boundaries.

I do not consent to website visits from you, if you’re here out of spite, voyeurism, stalking, or have any harmful intentions towards me or my works. Intentions to copy my content or ideas to any extent without proper acknowledgment or respect, included in what I consider to be harmful.

In terms of privacy, there is a privacy policy. I do also want to note here that I do not plan to use personal identifiable information. For example, in the reviews I share publicly on social media, and this website, I cover up things like, names that are not my own, your astrology chart details, or details about the reading that are intimate and personal. Of course that's up to my own discretion, but if I post something you don’t feel comfortable or safe with me posting you’re welcome to reach out so I can make appropriate edits or remove content as necessary when reasonable up to my discretion.

In terms of communication, I am open to respectful responses, comments, inquiries, outreach, & pitches. You can best reach me via email, but I’m not consenting to spam, sharing my email out of context or for money or other value. My personal email is alenaswebmail@gmail.com & my current “Professional” email is @InTheLandsKnownAsElPasoTejas@gmail.com

In terms of links that you’ll find on this website, no links to anything outside of my website are under my control, or responsibility. Links do not inherently communicate that I endorse & agree with the content, related content, or another's beliefs & practices.

Some third party services may be involved in engaging with the website & my works. By engaging with any third party through this website or my works you acknowledge and accept that some of your information may be shared with the third party based on necessity for functionality, as well as the third parties own privacy policies & terms. I do not sell any information. I do not share any information that is not required.

In terms of intellectual property, all my content, even my ideas are under my copyright. I do not consent to my work being plagiarized to any extent, & expect to be acknowledged, linked, cited, & credited respectfully & appropriately. My work may not be reproduced in any way for the intention of making money or trades. I do consent to screenshots being shared with information that either directly links to me or makes it very easy for people to search for me & find the appropriate source. I consent to my works being used for personal use, like inspiration, mood boards, or similar. If you’re in doubt, please reach out & ask. <3

By using this website you also agree that you are in accordance with all your local laws.

I reserve the right to terminate access to myself & my works at my discretion.

I reserve the right to edit & change my website, & the terms, conditions, policies, and boundaries at any time. I also reserve the right to update users on changes via email, or posting on my website as well as my social media accounts.